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Friday, April 13, 2018

RUSA CODES Conversation-- RA 101 With my Editors and Friends Joyce Saricks and Neal Wyatt

So one thing I have learned being a RA trainer is that library staff are clamoring for the basics. Libraries are realizing that getting their entire staff on board behind promoting patrons’ leisure needs is imperative. Creating conversations around books, movies, audio books, all the things we circulate for patrons’ wants, this is an activity that is key to our mission and one that all staff can participate in at some level.

When I started doing this RA training thing full time, I thought that I would be doing all second level RA training. I wrongly thought that everyone knew the basics. Nope. What I found is my basics classes are the most requested-- for current practitioners to get a refresher and to recruit new staff to provide basic RA-- still 3 full years later.

The RUSA CODES Research and Trends Committee also noticed this and asked Joyce Saricks and Neal Wyatt to help them answer people’s questions in the next CODES Convo.  

The details on this one day, email event are below. I normally only lurk on these, but since this is my specialty, I am scheduling time to participate too.

Please consider joining us and getting some of your co-workers subscribed too. Even if all you do is follow along [live or after the fact], it would make for a great conversation in a staff meeting later.

I will also post the notes here on the blog when they are available a few days after the event. Below are the details on how you can subscribe.  I hope to “see” you there.

CODES Conversations: RA 101April 24, 2018 10am-6pm EST 
What are the key ideas, practices and sources everyone should be learningabout as they begin to do readers' advisory work? Join us and special guestmoderators Joyce Saricks and Neal Wyatt and bring your questions, suggestionsand advice! 
CODES Conversations are focused electronic conversations on issues facingcollection development and readers’ advisory librarians—or anyone interestedin those areas. The conversations are open to all who wish to participate (orlurk)! 
Use this link to join us! http://lists.ala.org/sympa/info/codes-convos

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