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Monday, April 16, 2018

What I'm Reading: Goodreads Updates

After las week’s barrage of “No holds barred Becky,” as my friend Jez put it, I need to pull it back a bit and get caught up on my non-paid reviews.

Today I am posting the links to my reviews of books the have appeared on Goodreads but not here on the blog. I periodically post the authors and titles here mostly so that they are searchable for both me and you. All of these titles were read in 2017. I had the reviews done in Goodreads but realized the I never gathered them into a post for the blog.

It’s like I discovered buried reading treasure this weekend when I was going through my Goodreads. I cleaned them up a bit and added some more readalikes too. It was very cathartic.

The links go to my Goodreads review each of which have my three words and readalikes.

Read in print:
Read in Audio:

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