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Friday, May 25, 2018

Barbara Hoffert’s 2018 BEA Galley Guide

BEA is just around the corner, but dont be sad if you arent going because you still have access to Barbara Hofferts wonderful Galley Guide. 

Click here for access to over 200 key titles from the show with descriptions!

But Becky, if I am not going, why should I care about the free books other people are going to get?

Thanks for asking disembodied voice of the average reader.

As I have explained in this [different] post, whether or not you are present at the conference in question, these galley guides can help you immensely. I will not repeat myself as to why. You can easily go here and read.

So before you head out for the holiday weekend, take a look at the galley guide and especially this post by me on how to use it to help patrons right away. Seriously, even though many of these books aren’t coming out for a while, I have proven tips and tricks on how to make this preview work for you today-- right now! Im not kidding. Immediately. Click through and see for yourself.

And if you see something you really like, head on over to NetGalley or Edelweiss+ and request an eGalley of your own. Not sure how to sign-up and get preapproved? No problem, Library Reads has you covered here.

Have a great holiday weekend. May you read a good book or two. See you Tuesday.

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Cari said...

Awesome! Thanks, Becky!!