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Thursday, May 24, 2018

RA for All Roadshow Visits Northbrook [IL] Public Library

Today I am not traveling far but I am helping a library reinforce a shift it its organization both physically and in terms of its culture.

The Northbrook [IL] Public Library recently merged its Adult Fiction and AV departments into one single Fiction and Media Department. This change signaled that all leisure items and the patrons who use them- whether they are watched, listened to, or read are now on equal footing and demand the same amount of respect and importance.

But this change also means that staff could either use a refresher or an introduction as to basic RA. I was invited to provide just this-- a singular training experience that would both reinvigorate the experts and introduce the novices all at the same time. In other words-- we are going to have a whole lot of RA based fun today. Oh, and learn something too.

The Fiction and Media Department also invited anyone else on staff who wanted to come to my program and I have heard a bunch of people took them up on the offer. All in all they are expecting 24 people for this 3 hour training, which is a good number considering the size of the library and the fact that it will remain open while I am there.

I applaud Northbrook for putting enough of an importance of their advisory services to leisure patrons to not only hire me to come out, but to make time for staff from all over the organization to attend.

Here is the schedule for this afternoon:

1-2:45: RA for All Signature Training: follows my 10 Rules of Basic RA Service [just updated!]

3-4: Booktalking: Harnessing the Power of Sharing Books With Readers: Slide access here

Finally, this would be a good time to remind everyone that I am only open to local appearances [within 3 hours of Chicago] June and July [although even that is tight]. I have limited August and [more limited] September openings. October is CLOSED. November and December are beginning to get inquiries and I already have a few 2019 dates in the works. If you want me to come to your library or conference soon, get in touch. We can at least get the conversation started. [If we start talking in 2018, I can hold you at 2018 pricing.]

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