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Friday, June 1, 2018

Audie Award Winners Announced: Don’t Just Suggest Theses Titles to Audio Fans

I am ending the week referring you back to my post at the beginning of the week, Formats Are Not Genres.

Yesterday evening the Audie Awards for the very best in Audiobooks were announced. You can read all about it on the Booklist Readers here.

Please use the list to help readers of all formats. Yes these are specifically good in audio, but they are also excellent in general. A story that is not well told will not work as well on audio. Any issues will stand out when read to you.

Use this list to help identify some great reads in a variety of genres, and because it is the Audies, not all the books are brand new. For example, a new version of Sherlock Holmes stories won this year. What a great reminder that those stories in any format are still a great read.

The Audie winners are an excellent choice for some off the beaten path suggestions.

Finally, don’t forget my general advice about using awards lists as a RA tool, specifically using the lists of nominees and the backlist for even more great suggestions.

Have a nice weekend.

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