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Monday, November 26, 2018

Best Audio and Resource Reminder

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Here is a best list that is format based and therefore, very useful to you as you help readers, The AudioFile Magazine Best of 2018 list.

This list is free but you have to sign up for the newsletter to get it. I already get the newsletter, so I had it delivered to my inbox, but I can tell you, the newsletter is an excellent resource in general. You can go here and download the PDF immediately.

This specific best of list is even better than most best lists for a few reasons.

  • The list is broken into useful categories
    • Fiction
    • Nonfiction & Culture
    • Memoir
    • Biography & History
    • Mystery & Suspense
    • Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror
    • Children & Family Listening• Young Adult
    • Romance
  • You can easily go to the website and search for the reviews of their "best" titles, reviews which include a snippet of the audio. This is key because it is a professional review of the audio specifically. You can get a great sense of the appeal of the audio and play a sample for your patrons. Here is the entry for Circe one of their top fiction titles.
  • Also on the general website you can look up any specific narrator for more books narrated by that person. It is the only resource that has an entire database of reviews and info based on the narrators in general without linking them to a specific book performance. 
Basically, this best list is a great way to remind you of all the wonderful, audio and narrator specific information you have at your finger tips on the AudioFile site all year long. I get dozens of questions a year about how to help audio readers and I always have the same two suggestions-- AudioFile Magazine for professional reviews and Audible for reader reviews [link goes to Circe review for comparative purposes].

I am not sure why people forget about AudioFile magazine when they are trying to help readers with audio specific questions, but they do, all of the time. Hopefully, this best list will remind you to visit the site more frequently.

This best list also makes for a wonderful display. Put the books and audiobooks out together. Even better, if you can make it an online list that links to the downloadable audio.

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