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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

RA for All Virtual Roadshow Visits Australia For a Brand New Horror Presentation [With Bonus Time Travel]

Later tonight I will be presenting a BRAND new 90 minute Horror for Libraries virtual presentation in Australia. Except....it will actually be Thursday for them. So.....I am going to be time traveling tonight from 9-10:30 pm Central!

It is my third such time travel to this conference in Australia, and I for one never get tired of the joke [although my gracious host Ellen probably does].

This presentation contains all new material that I have gathered for the Third Edition of my Readers' Advisory Guide To Horror.

This will be the first time I present some of this material and the group knows I am actively looking for feedback.

I am making the slides available for free here, as I do for every presentation I give, but I would also like to ask that if any of you would like to give feedback, I would greatly appreciate it. Library workers only please, not authors.

I will address one issue that will come up, one that I will be addressing in my speaking portion of the presentation. I have 3 "Heads of Horror." There was one more that is represented in another side who I made the deduction to leave off, someone people might question-- Victor LaValle. I have done this because LaValle has not shown me that he will continue to work in horror solely. The three authors I did include are firmly entrenched in horror. Even Machado's memoir from last year used a horror trope as its frame.

LaValle is clearly committed to "speculative" fiction in its entirety and is exploring the places that this will take him. I am super excited as a reader to follow along, but it would not be fair to place him at the top of the genre as THE example. Nor did I also pick bestsellers like Grady Hendrix and Josh Malerman because you all know about them and have read them. But all of these authors ARE represented throughout the presentation.

For historical perspective, I took a HUGE chance in 2010 [when I finished the manuscript] by proclaiming Joe Hill and Jonathan Maberry as the two authors libraries needed to know about, the authors who would drive the genre into the future. Thankfully I got that call right. But, it means I have to make sure I do the same this time too. I have to get it as right as possible.

This is an example of what I mean by feedback. I would love more constructive and useful questioning like this question I posed to myself a few weeks ago.

Please click on the RA for All logo in the top right of the blog to find out how to contact me. In a few weeks I am going to start turning my notes and presentation into actual draft chapters of the book, so if you have feedback, bring it on.

Oh, and when you look at the slides, please note, I used some animations so you have to hit "Present" and go through the presentation to see everything. There are also links throughout with more information. So go ahead and poke around.

Thanks and Happy Haunting!

Click here to view slides
Click present to see everything

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