I can come to your library, book club meeting, or conference to talk about how to help your readers find their next good read. Click here for more information including RA for All's EDI Statement.

Recent and Upcoming Presentations [Updated May 2024]

In the spirit of being green, this page will house links to my recent presentations, allowing attendees access without having to print copies for everyone. Presentations will be up for at least 6 months.  If you have attended one of my presentations and want access to slides and handouts that are not posted here, please contact me (bspratford at hotmail dot com).

Please click here for a document with descriptions of my most popular programs.

My general 2024 rates are as follows:
  • Virtual: Rates begin at $400 for a 60-90 min webinar and go up to $1,250 for full day, interactive options. Contact me to craft your plan and figure out pricing. Discounts available when you schedule 3 or more in one calendar year. Virtual multi-month training programs with or without "homework" are also available
  • Local [does not require an overnight stay]: Rates begin at $575 for 1 program and go up to $1,000
  • Travel [requires an overnight stay but I can drive]: Rates begin at $1800 
  • Travel [requires an overnight night stay and air travel]: Rates begin at $2000 
  • Consulting-Virtual [you get to pick my brain officially]: Rates begin at $150/hr
    • If you have hired me to present or are considering hiring me, I provide free consulting before I present and for up to 6 months after.
These rates do not include my travel costs. Those are billed out for exact costs with an invoice; however, I do provide a not to exceed dollar amount for travel for your budgeting purposes.

Also, please note that by hiring RA for All all parties must agree to this Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Mission Statement:
RA for All’s programs are crafted and delivered with the understanding that increasing the collection, discovery, and circulation of titles written by marginalized voices in all public libraries is not a trend. It is a requirement. By contracting with RA for All, library organizations must take the position that libraries are not neutral, and understand that the goal is to become an anti-racist library, an organization that does the work to begin actively breaking down the walls of the systemic oppression of marginalized view points, walls which have been built over centuries but cannot be allowed to stand any longer. This work is not easy and will be uncomfortable at times, but getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is part of this process. RA for All is committed to helping you craft an actionable plan to begin this important journey.   

  • Flat River CommunityLibrary [MI]: Staff Day [Virtual], November 3, 2023
    • RA for All: Flip the Script and Think Like a Reader
    • Booktalk Your Way to the Friendlies Library in Town
  • Sugar Grove [IL] Public Library District: Staff Day [In Person], November 14, 2023
  • ARRTCon: Naperville Public Library, 95th Street Branch, November 30, 2023
    • All day, RA focused conference
    • Keynote: Actively Anti-Racist Service to Leisure Readers: Excuse Buster Edition
    • Panel on writing reviews
      • Slide access here
    • SOLD OUT


  • Connecticut State Library: Last Wednesday of the Month RA Virtual Training
    • January: RA for All: Flip the Script and Think Like a Reader 
    • February: Booktalking Your Way to the Friendliest Library in Town 
    • March: Demystifying Genre
    • April: Actively Anti-Racist Service to Leisure Readers
      • Wednesday, April 24, 2024 from 10-11:30 am Eastern

      • Slide access here

  • PCI Webinars: What's New in Reader's Advisory
    • Tuesday, February 13th at 10:30 am EST for FL Clients
    • Wednesday, February 14th at 2:00 pm EST
    • Slide access here
  • Learn with NoveList: Keeping Up with Books: Year in Review 2023
    • Tuesday February 13th at 2pm Eastern
    • With Yaika Sabat and completely Free
    • Sign up and get access to the recording for 2 weeks
    • Details and registration all here
    • Slides only for those who register
  • Puyallup Public Library [WA]: Actively Anti-Racist Service to Leisure Readers w/Robin
    • Pre-recorded learning for staff in January and Feb
    • Wednesday March 13, 2024: Live Q&A with Robin and Becky
  • Readers' Advisory Ideas and Practice with Booklist: March 14, 2024 beginning at 11 a.m. PST/ 1 p.m. CT / 2 p.m. ET
    • A free, 3 hour event; full details here.
    • My portion: In “Swoons and Screams,” librarians Robin Bradford, Alex Brown, and Becky Spratford will dive deep into the appeal of horror and romance for teens and adults, and explore how they are both genres of intense feeling, how they intersect and diverge, and what makes each genre so appealing to readers. Total session time: 55 minutes.
    • Slides for Swoons and Screams here
    • Slide and recording access for all 3 parts are here. (coming soon)
  • PLA: Columbus, April 3-5, 2024
    • Anti-Racist Reader Services: Beyond the Basics
    • Pressing with Robin Bradford and Yaika Sabat
    • Blog post with more details
    • Side access here
  • Georgia Libraries: Virtual Training 
  • Tampa Bay Library Consortium: Regional In-Person RA Training
  • Stickney-Forest View [IL] Public Library District: In-Person Event
    • Actively Anti-Racist Service to Leisure Readers
    • Tuesday, April 30, 2024 from 9:15-10:30
    • Slide access here
  • Lincoln Township [MI] Public Library: May 9, 2024 (in-person)
    • Booktalk Your Way to the Friendliest Library in Town
    • 10-12 Eastern
    • This version includes Booktalking practice
    • Slide access here
  • Norwalk Easter [IA] Public Library: May 10, 2024 (virtual)
  • Southern Tier [NY] Library System: 3 month RA training series
    • September: RA for All: Flip the Script and Think Like a Reader 
    • October: Booktalking Your Way to the Friendliest Library in Town 
      • Wednesday, October 23, 2024 from 10:30-12 Eastern
      • Slide access here
    • November: Demystifying Genre
      • Thursday, November 21, 2024, 10:30-12 Eastern
      • Slide access here
  • Flat River CommunityLibrary [MI]: Staff Day [Virtual], November 15, 2024
    • Continuation from Fall 2023 session
    • Demystifying Genre
      • Slide access here
    • Actively Anti-Racist Service to Leisure Readers
      • Slide access here

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