A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be able to attend BookExpo in Chicago, where I saw the books that publishers are excited about for fall. I came away with a huge list of books for my own TBR pile. It also reminded me that while I did a list of anticipated books in the science fiction and fantasy genres for 2016, I only went through July. Now there are lots of new titles appearing on publishers’ schedules and a ton books I hadn’t even dreamt of when I made my first list for the year, in January. So, I decided I would round up my anticipated SFF reads for the second half of 2016. I’ll try and update this list as new titles are announced. These are things I’m personally looking forward to, but what looks good to you?
Click here for the full list, organized by month from July to December.  With each title she has a comment too.

Don't forget that many of these books are in a series. This is a great time to assess if you should add the other books in their series.  If Meg is taking the time to point a book out, I feel confident that it is worth a look for your library. So please, use this list to do a little collection development and assess what you have and what you may be missing....and get those orders in early.

Full disclosure, I have a few of these titles in my "to review" pile for the August Spotlight on SF, Fantasy, and Horror for Booklist

Sorry (not sorry) in advance for these three days of posts making your TBR pile swell. But hey, we have made it easy for you to get ahead on for Fall ordering.