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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Identifying GLBTQ Genre Titles

Click here for some free resources from NoveList with GLBTQ genre titles. Below, I embedded a photo from the newsletter which is a great sampling of what you can expect if you click through

You do not need to have access to NoveList to access this newsletter with some titles to get you started, but if you do have the database, there are also many tips on how to find even more books.

Finding general GLBTQ titles is much easier than it used to be, but serving readers who want a specific genre AND a GLBTQ element takes a higher level of sophistication both in how you have the RA conversation and in the resource you employ.  Right now, I think ONLY NoveList can handle the intersection of those two requests at a high enough level to serve patrons effectively. 

Some genre specific resources will have GLTBQ subheadings, but then you don’t get genre cross-over titles or the specification down to the subegnre level either.

With GLBTQ issues being more forefront in the news over the last year [from good news like marriage equality to horrible news like Orlando] more people are seeking out titles with GLBTQ characters and issues. We need to help all readers who want a GLBTQ frame in any and all stories.

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