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Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer Reading Suggestion-- What I'm Reading: Pressure

Today a PERFECT summer reading option for fans of action and scares.  I gave this book a star review in the current issue of Booklist.


Keene, Brian (author).

June 2016. 288p. St. Martin’s/Thomas Dunne, hardcover, $25.99 (9781250071347)
REVIEW.  First published June 1, 2016 (Booklist).

There is a reason Brian Keene is among the most popular, pulp horror writers of this century, but with most of his 40+ books available only in paperback, his work is not always collected by libraries. Well, now is the time to change that with this compelling, crowd-pleasing, hardcover release. Carrie Anderson, a champion free diver turned scientist, is part of a team trying to find out why the Indian Ocean floor is suddenly collapsing. After numerous mechanical glitches, Carrie plunges into the depths, sans equipment, to try to figure out why, but what she encounters is a monster so fearsome and so intent on destroying every creature in its path that it makes Jaws look like a guppy. In the open ocean, Carrie is in a swim for her life, but back on shore, things aren’t much better as an evil corporation and its murderous henchmen, have an invested interest in hiding the truth. Will Carrie and her team be able to stop both types of monsters and save the world from an ecological disaster before they become victims too? Keene’s winning formula of pairing a cast of strong characters who emotionally engage the reader from page one, with his fast-paced yet detailed action scenes that include some of the best descriptions of the dismemberment of bodies in all fiction, is on full view here. Don’t just suggest to horror readers [although Keene does include a few fun, insider references for genre fans]. Pressure is a perfect beach read for fans of Michael Crichton, Mira Grant, or Preston and Child, that is, if you dare to take this book anywhere near an open body of water.

Further Appeal Notes: I had a post about Brian Keene and his work on behalf of midlist authors a few weeks ago here.

Three Words That Describe This Book: fast paced, detailed action sequences, interesting frame

Readalikes:  I listed 4 above in the review, but only Jaws is ocean monster specific.  If you want more sea monsters stories try Steve Alten.

I would also like to double down on my Michael Crichton suggestion. [That suggestion works both ways.]

If you want more solid, pulp horror, read Jonathan Janz or Jonathan Maberry’s Pine Deep Trilogy (starts with Ghost Road Blues)

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