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Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Best Books List of the Year

My husband was just commenting on how he cannot believe it is November already. This year is going by quite quickly.  But I feel like it went into hyperdrive today when I opened my Google Reader and saw Amazon counting down the 100 best books of the year already!

Here is the direct link to the full list. They finished up this morning with the top 10.  This is the first of MANY lists to come, but the Amazon list is unique because it does not separate the books. You will find children's books, fiction and nonfiction all on this one giant list.  There are cookbooks, genre fiction titles, and celebrity memoirs here. Where else will you see Sookie Stackhouse and Keith Richards together, on the same list. Truly, there is something for everyone here.

For those of you who like following these lists, I use the tag, best lists to index all of the ones I will be posting. The nice thing about clicking on this tag is that it will include any best list I have ever posted over the three years of working on this blog.  So, if the wait list is too long for The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks after Amazon gave it the Best Book of the Year title, you can try one of last year's "best" books instead.

However, I am not paid to do this blog.  The staff over at Early Word, led by Nora Rowlinson, are.  You can access their very nice archive of the best books of 2010 by clicking here. Rest assured, this is the most comprehensive archive of best lists on the web.

For those of you waiting for my best list, I do an annual "Best Books I Read" for each year, but I will not post it until the last week of December.  My list will have some of the hot 2010 titles (I saw my current #1, The Passage made the Amazon top 20) but it will also have some backlist gems.  Click here, here, and here to see past year's lists. And get ready to be bombarded with Best Lists!

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