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Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Discussion: Death Bracket Preparation--Graphic Novels

We are getting close to the end of preparations for the Death Brackets.  Click here for the full details.  Also an update, we will probably be splitting off Mystery from the rest of Crime since our collection is split that way too.

This week, I am considering adding Graphic Novels into the mix, so I figured I would gather some names of your favorites just in case. Oh, and I don't care if they write fiction or nonfiction Graphic Novels.  We mis them together here.  Our Graphic Novel collections are only separated by age range with the fiction collections (Childrens, Teen, and Adult) with comic strip compilations filed in the 741.5s).

Here are my favorites:
  • Alison Bechdel
  • Daniel Clowes
  • Chris Ware
  • Alan Moore's non-Marvel GNs
What about you?  Let me know.  I can't guarantee I will include Graphic Novels until after we crunch the summer reading data and I look at circulation statistics.  But I do know that Graphic Novels for adults are more popular here at the BPL than they are at the average library in our system.

Next week is the final week of preparations when I will be asking you about YA authors that are great for Adult readers.

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Kimberly said...

In alphabetical order

Since you asked for my favorites:
Jaime (& Gilbert) Hernandez
Shaun Tan
Craig Thompson

Some of the best illustrated and written:
Alison Bechdel
Marjane Satrapi
David Small
Art Spiegelman
Gene Luan Yang

… and I’ve been known to spend time with children's works from sister/brother duo Jennifer Holm and Matthew Holm

John, Librarian At Dawn said...
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Sarah Elsewhere said...

I'd add Bryan Lee O'Malley.

Andrew said...

Here's what pops off my head:
Carla Speed McNeil
Greg Rucka
Neil Gaiman
(early) Alan Moore
Brian K Vaughan

I think I'll stop there rather than rattling on and on.

John said...

Although I love graphic novels, it would be really difficult for me to make a list of favorite authors because I read them more for the artwork and characters rather than storylines. For example, one of my favorite graphic novel series of all time is Sin City which was written and drawn by Frank Miller. I would never say Frank Miller is one of my favorite authors because he is largely known for super hero comics which I can't stand. Similarly, there are graphic novel series that I love such as Tank Girl that have had multiple artists/authors so who would I put on the list? It is impossible to say since I'm not familiar with, or even interested in their other work. So I really must decline making an author list as it would just be too misleading. Sorry for the extended explanation, I just felt a need to point this out because it is so typical of the graphic novel genre. The guy who did Aeon Flux is also the creator of Rugrats. Ha! Obviously, two very different target audiences!