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Thursday, March 21, 2013

RA Links Round-Up

It's about time for another old fashioned links round-up.  I will have a book review post tomorrow, but for now, links to check out.
  • From Book Page-- New books for book lovers.  I have already given the second one on the list as a gift to my sister in-law.
  • Also from Book Page-- Vote for the cover to Elizabeth Gilbert's new book.  Voting begins today. Click through for all the details.  The book appears to have been delayed over arguments between Gilbert and the publisher about the cover.  I find it interesting that Gilbert is taking a stand on her cover.  I have heard many authors say that they have not control over covers.  Maybe Gilbert's demands will change that. From the publisher's point of view this is a win-win though.  Now the book is getting a ton of free publicity and buzz before it even comes out. I would not be surprised to see fans getting a chance to vote on future covers by other authors, bestsellers and new authors, in the near future.
  • Back on March 7th I mentioned that Book Club Girl would be interviewing Jacqueline Winspear.  Well, she did and here is the link to the audio.
  • Above I have a list of books about books, so why not this list from Book Riot on books about libraries.
  • Book Riot also had this essay on the importance of endings.  Too many people complain to me that the book was great until the ending.  I have authors I love because they can end a book well (Neil Gaiman, Stephen King) and ones I read despite the fact that I love their books until the ending (I'm looking at you Geraldine Brooks).  I appreciate an author who plans an ending to their book.
  • From Flavorwire-- 10 Best Millennial Authors You Probably Haven't Read (Yet)
  • From the Barnes and Noble Book Blog-- The 20 Best Paranormal Novels of the Last Decade.
  • From Reading the Past-- A 2 part post of new historical fiction from small and independent presses.  Part 1 and Part 2.  I don't know about your library, but I cannot buy too much historical fiction; it is extremely popular here.
  • We are smack dab in the middle of the Morning News' Tournament of Books and the other day I was riveted by the battle between 2 of my 2012 best reads: The Fault in Our Stars and The Orphan Masters' Son Click through to see who won. It pained me to have to pick one of these 2 great books over the other, but for the record, I agree with their decision completely.

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