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Thursday, March 1, 2018

StokerCon Librarians’ Day Publisher Book Buzz Slides

I am coordinating the entire Librarians’ Day today with Kristi Chadwick. Here is our full schedule for the day:
Librarians’ Day Programming 
8:30 to 9: Welcome/Registration  
9 -10am: Dacre Stoker, a direct descendent of Bram Stoker, will present “120 Years of Dracula: From Novel to Stage to Large and Small Screens.” 
10-10:50 am: Becky Spratford will be moderating a panel entitled, “Why Horror Matters: A Conversation With Experts on the Genre and Its Practitioners” featuring Eric Guignard, Les Klinger, Grady Hendrix, Andy Davidson, and Christopher Geissler, a librarian from the John Hay Library which holds the papers of H.P. Lovecraft among other horror legends. 
11- 11:50 am: Bram Stoker Nominated author Mary SanGiovanni will be moderating, “A Panel of Fresh Voices for Your Collections.” This panel will gather newer authors who many library workers may not have heard of before but whose works are a great choice for public library collections, including Nadia Bulkin, Stephen Kozeniewski, Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi, and Morgan Sylvia.  
12 – 1:30 pm: All attendees will enjoy a lunch together with time for networking, socializing, and the chance to participate in an AMA [Ask Me Anything] with Becky and Kristi.  
1:30- 2:20 pm: After lunch, J.G. Faherty, the Library and Literacy Coordinator for HWA will moderate the panel, “Horror Programming at Your Library,” featuring Christopher Golden and his partner in the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival, Haverhill [MA]  librarian Liz Rieur, as well as Grady Hendrix who in partnership with Quirk Books has presented at numerous public libraries across the country.
I will be taking furious notes for every panel, even the one I am moderating. I promise to write up a summary to post on the horror blog tomorrow.

But first, I want to start with the final session of the day, beginning around 2:30, Kristi and I will be moderating a Book Buzz for upcoming titles for your horror fans featuring publishers from huge to small [with a few who fit in between].

When they asked me to run Librarians’ Day I knew offering a Book Buzz was the most important part of the day, both for the publishers to have a chance to share their horror tittles and for the attendees, actually, for everyone out there who reads this blog to see what is coming down the pike. These are titles that every library should consider purchasing and promoting. Plus, Book Buzz slides are easy for me to share far and wide, even for those of you who couldn’t join us in Providence today. 

Those in attendance are going home with totes, posters, pens, and books courtesy of the publishers, but everyone can learn about these great titles today.

Below, you can click on the name of the publisher to see their slides complete with book covers, appeal statements, ISBNs, and more.

StokerCon 2018 Librarians’ Day Publisher Book Buzz
March 1, 2018
Biltmore Hotel
Providence, RI

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