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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The #LibFaves18 votes are in.....

In case you forgot, or don't know what #LibFaves18 is, I posted about it when it began on December 10th here:
Beginning today and going for 10 straight days, library workers all over the country will be counting down their personal favorite reads of books published in 2018 by Tweeting 1 books a day, with the title in ALL CAPS, and using #LibFaves18.
Click here to read more about #LibFaves18, what it is, and how I participated.

The votes are now tallied with this easy to use spreadsheet over on EarlyWord here:.
The list is most interesting for its range, around 875 title, a testament to how widely librarians read. Browsing the titles, you are certain to make new discoveries as well as being reminded of favorites.
The spreadsheet has every single title mentioned, even if only once. That means the list is way more comprehensive than your average "Best" list. Also, because it is library workers from all over the country, you have a larger pool of like minded people to help you suggest. You truly will have a title for every type of reader because every type of reader participated.

What an easy end of the year display too. Keep this up from now until mid January, there are 875 titles to choose from, you are bound to have enough to fill 1 display, and add previous year's titles as it gets empty. This will get patrons excited-- library worker approved titles-- and it is super easy. Speaking of, click here to see my post where I provide the links to the previous year's spreadsheets so you can quickly pull them up.

And have fun with it.

I'm back 2 more times this year. Tomorrow with my final Goodreads reviews updates of the year and then Friday with my fun, personal "Best" reads of the year.

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