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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NPR: Three Books

National Public Radio has been running a series on All Things Considered this summer called "Three Books," where they have invited writers to suggest three "great reads on a single theme." Here is the link to all of the lists.

What I love about these lists is the range of books offered. It is just like I tell my students, when suggesting books to someone, give them three choices. You may be working with a single theme here, but that theme could be explored in literary fiction, mystery, thriller, romance, etc... You won't really know what your reader is in the mood for until you offer him or her a variety of choices.

These lists are a perfect example of what RAs should be doing for their readers; we offer three titles and give the patron 3-5 sentences on each, more if they seem interested. Whether it is done casually at the desk or in written annotation form, these lists are an example of readers' advisory done right.

Check out these lists and for that matter, the entire NPR books site which compiles all of their book coverage in one place. Or, try to make a few "Three Books" lists of your own.

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