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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holiday Book Discussions

Book Group Buzz, a blog by Booklist Online (which is always listed in my list of sites to check out on the right hand side of this page), has this interesting discussion going on about what to do during you group's December meeting.

I posted a comment to the discussion and I thought I would cross post it here:

I wrote:

"My long standing library book group changes things up for our December meeting also. We meet for 4 hours instead of 2 and have a pot luck luncheon in which the library provides the main course and the participants bring side dishes.

We always schedule a “classic” title to read that month. This year it will be The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway. Then, we arrange to watch the movie version on the classic title after lunch. This leaves little time for discussion, so if people did not read the book it is OK.
We also discuss our favorite books from the last year and present the list for the first 6 months of the next.

It makes for a nice break, it is festive, filled with holiday cheer, and there is no pressure to finish the book in order to enjoy the fun."

Go on over to the discussion to read more.

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