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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Best Lists

Here is the link to Amazon.com's Best Books of 2008 both Editors' and Customers' Picks.

PW has their Best of 2008 list also.

But my favorite kind of year end best lists are the ones when people list their best book "I read this year" lists. This is where people list the books they most enjoyed reading over the past 12 months.

Although the newest books are the ones everyone talks about, they are not the only ones worth reading. Last year, I did one of these lists last year, and I plan to do one again this year. Here is one from Paste Magazine (which we subscribe to at my house) listing some author's favorite books they read this year.

I apologize in advance for making your personal to read list too long, but you never know what you'll be in the mood for at any one time, so the longer the list, the better I say.

And Happy Thanksgiving!

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