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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Reading Fights Childhood Obesity

Researchers at Duke University conducted a study on obese children and found that reading a specific type of book helped them to lose weight.

From the study which can be found here:

"The Duke researchers asked obese females ages nine to 13 who were already in a comprehensive weight loss program to read an age-appropriate novel called Lake Rescue (Beacon Street Girls). It was carefully crafted with the help of pediatric experts to include specific healthy lifestyle and weight management guidance, as well as positive messages and strong role models.

Six months later, the Duke researchers found the 31 girls who read Lake Rescue experienced a significant decrease in their BMI scores (-.71 percent) when compared to a control group of 14 girls who hadn't (+.05 percent), explained Alexandra C. Russell, a fourth-year medical student at Duke who led the study and presented the findings at the Obesity Society's annual scientific meeting."

This is a very interesting finding, although I am not sure how broadly it can be applied. Anyway, its food for thought and more positive press for reading.

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