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Monday, August 31, 2009

More Backlist Inquiries

Not to beat a dead horse, but again I had 3 patrons today who had just "discovered" 3 popular authors with very long backlists.

The authors were David Baldacci, John Sandford, and Fern Michaels. In each case, the patron had read the author for the first time and wanted a list of everything he or she had written. These books are not "new" in the literal sense, but what matters is that they are new to the reader requesting them.

All three authors are current best sellers who are widely represented on our shelves. More importantly, their older books are good reads. And we have (or can get in 3-5 days) each any every book these prolific authors have written at the library...for free!

Visit your local library for any books by these authors, or for a suggestion of an author that will be new to you.

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