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Monday, February 15, 2010

RA For All: President's Day Edition

President's Day is one of those holidays which is not celebrated the same everywhere.  Here in IL some places are closed for Lincoln's official birthday (2/12) only while others are closed both the 12th and today, and still others close for neither.

But no matter if you worked today or not here are some Presidential inspired book links:
These links are just a starting point. I would also suggest looking up any President in Wikipedia.  There you will get a list of many books by and about the person.  Click here for Teddy Roosevelt on Wikipedia and here and here for books by and about him. Your local card catalog is also a good bet. Again, try Teddy Roosevelt in ours.

Can you tell I am on a Roosevelt kick? More on him in a few days. For now, Happy President's Day.

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