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Friday, January 27, 2012

Taft 2012!

On Tuesday I was ordering new books for the BPL's adult fiction collection when I read a review of a new offering from Quirk Books, the fine people who brought us Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  The book is called Taft 2012!  and was written by Jason Heller.  Here is the description from the publisher:
He is the perfect presidential candidate. Conservatives love his hard-hitting Republican résumé. Liberals love his peaceful, progressive practicality. The media can’t get enough of his larger-than-life personality. And all the American people love that he’s an honest, hard-working man who tells it like it is.
There’s just one problem. He is William Howard Taft . . . and he was already president a hundred years ago. So what on earth is he doing alive and well and considering a running mate in 2012?
A most extraordinary satire, Jason Heller’s debut novel follows the strange new life of a presidential Rip Van Winkle: a man who never even wanted the White House in the first place, yet finds himself hurtling toward it once more—this time, through the media-fueled madness of 21st-century America.
How brilliant of Heller and Quirk to release this book now.  I am already getting sick of the Presidential race and we still have 9 months to go!  This book is going to have legs.  I can see it going out constantly for the next year.

Add to the mix, this awesome book trailer (embedded below) which is made to look like an ad campaign for Taft.  Political ad campaigns are so awful but also so ubiquitous that even my 7 and 9 year old kids got the joke of this book trailer.  Thanks to Likely Stories for the link.

Watch for yourself and I dare you not to laugh.

For more book related video fun from me today, click here.

And as we get closer to the actual election this fall, we here at the BPL RA desk have a fun display planned.  Without giving it away, I can tell you that if you like the humor in this book and trailer, you will love our take on the election too.

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