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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Berwyn Public Library Introduces Reading Maps!

Thanks to our wonderful intern Christi, the Berwyn Public Library has officially begun to create reading maps.  Chrisit got us started with 9 maps, but more importantly, she created a template for all of us to use. 

The goal is for the BPL RA Dream Team of six to each create a map, using this template, by the end of the summer.  And then, beginning in 2013, we will each sign up to create 2 new maps a year.  This means we will average a map a month.

Here is a linked list of what we have so far:
I have also archived this list on my Reading Maps page along with some of the better maps my students have made over the years. By the beginning of May you will be able to find all Berwyn Library Reading Maps on their official home page over on the Browsers Corner Blog.

Christi and I will also have a detailed article about how to create a reading map coming out in NoveList's RA News in July.  So if you have questions about how to do this at your library, we will have answers soon.

Finally, look for my map on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter coming this summer.

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