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Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Discussion: Best Book You Read This Year-- Part 2

Last week we all shared what our favorite book we read in 2012 that was NOT published in 2012.  Click here to see the comments, or leave one of your own.

Today, I want to know your opinion of the best book you read in 2012 that WAS published this year; a more traditional BEST list.

This one was easy for me.  It was Building Stories by Chris Ware.  Click here for my full review.  However, I figured I would love this book when it came out, so much so that my husband bought me a copy.  I rarely buy books since I have access to anything and everything at the library, but this is one we needed to own.

In terms of my most surprising BEST book of the year, that title would go to the remarkable debut by Wiley Cash, A Land More Kind Than Home.  Click here for the full review. I did not expect this book to blow me away, yet that it did.

What about you? Start sharing those best of 2012 books with me.

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Kathy at BPL said...

This one was easy for me. Junot Diaz's "This is How You Lose Her" was my favorite published this year. I love his writing so much that it made me pick a book of short stories (not my favorite normally) for my best of 2012.

John, Librarian At Dawn said...

Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller is still my favorite book published this year. Glad you made it to the party Becky!

Jose said...

a land more kind than home by wiley cash