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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The NPR Book Concierge is Back

Now if you want to ditch the best list idea completely and just look for critically acclaimed books released in 2013 and search through them by genre as well as appeal factors like "rather short" or "the dark side," then the brand new NPR Book Concierge is for you. 
Click here for NPR's explanation of why they ditched the traditional best list this year. [Hint one of the reasons is that they published 20 different ones last year, and really when you have 20 best lists, are your really making useful best designation?] 
I think this Book Concierge works well because it mimics a true reader. Yes, you might say Mystery is your favorite genre, but you may also want a funny mystery or a sexy one.  How do you find a more specific "best" option? Well, with Book Concierge, you can trust the critics to have narrowed the whole pie down to about 200 titles worth your time and then you, the reader, use their tags to find a very specific option for yourself. 
Color me impressed.
And it's back this year for 2014.  It's bigger and better too, with more filter choices and more books.

Click here to access the NPR Book Concierge.

It truly is the most responsive and fun best list of the year.

Plus, they perfectly remind you to check out last year's list for more choices-- one of my biggest tips when using best lists to help people!

Love it!

Stop reading this blog and go play on the Book Concierge.  RIGHT NOW!

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