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Friday, April 17, 2015

New RUSA Codes Conversation: Social Media and RA

The committee within RUSA which deals with RA issues is CODES [You can click here for their page on the RUSA site].
CODES occasionally runs email conversations on RA issues. You can click here for the links to past conversations as I reported about them on this blog.
I am permanently signed up to participate in these useful, stimulating, and fun conversations, so yesterday, I received an email notification of the next one beginning on May 12th entitled, Tweeting, Tumbling, & Pinning: Using Social Media for Readers’ Advisory.
I have attached a copy of the email below, but you click here to sign up and join for yourself.
I cannot stress enough how useful these conversations are. However, I also know that they deliver a ton of emails into your inbox, and that can be overwhelming to many.  So, before you sign up, please check this post I did back in 2013 about how to get the most of the conversations without being too overwhelmed.
You are receiving this email because you are currently subscribed to the CODES Conversation list. 
A new CODES Conversation begins Tuesday, May 12th and runs through Wednesday, May 13th.
If you wish to take part in the discussion you do not need to take any further action as you are already subscribed. 

Tweeting, Tumbling, & Pinning: Using Social Media for Readers’ Advisory 

Readers’ Advisory has been moving outside the walls of our libraries for years, from newsletters and listservs to blogs and online forums. The various platforms that comprise the social media universe open up a wide range of outlets for staff to use to help readers – of all ages. Don’t think that social media users are all under 30! A January 2015 Pew Research Center study reports the fastest growing demographic of various social media platforms are users 50 and older. 

If library staff are going to make reading a social activity, how do we harness the social media to help us do that? Join over 500 of your collection development, readers' advisory, and public services colleagues in a two-day come-and-go online discussion of social media and readers’ advisory. Share ideas, best practices, and success stories (unsuccessful stories welcome. We can learn from those, too).

Some of the topics we will address include:
How to capture an audience on social media?
Who is your audience for social media?
How to create virtual displays through social media?
What social media platforms are best for RA?
How do you tailor your RA to specific social media platforms?
How to measure success in social media?
What platforms work best with different types of readers’ advisory?

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