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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

RA for All Roadshow: Demystifying Genre for WI Libraries and Important RA for All Training Info

Today I have an updated version of my two part "Demystifying Genre" webinar for a group of Wisconsin Libraries.  This is part of a larger 4 part training programming I am doing with them. Part 3 is in May and part 4 is to be scheduled, but it will not be until Fall.

Before I get to their slides, I should mention that my non-local, in person appearances are almost closed for 2016. I have a few days in November and the first week of December open. That’s it. So if you are looking at first quarter of 2017 and are interested in bringing me to your library, contact me soon. For example, I know President’s Day is a big in-staff training day and as of now it is free, but I don’t expect that day to stay free for much longer.

However, webinars are a great way to provide my training to your library staff-- especially to library systems.  Not only are the prices lower because I don’t have to travel, but I can fit them into my schedule more easily.  I also offer discounts on my per-webinar pricing if you book a series of 3 or more.

Speaking of booking a series, this series with WI is a great example.  I customized the programs to build off of one and other, so that the learning experience grows from webinar to webinar. Also, I always allow my webinars to be recorded. While it is best to participate live because I take questions and have interactive opportunities like polling, being able to watch the training on their own time, increases the chance that staff will absorb what they have learned. Plus, I will take questions via email after the live event. In fact, just last week I received a questions about a webinar I recorded in December from someone who had just watched the recording.

So the moral of this post-- get in touch with me soon if you are looking to have 2016 RA training for you and your staff.

Now on to today’s webinar slides.  The webinar is in 2 parts today and I have added some fun and useful information.  Let’s get going WI.

Click here for slide access
Click here for slide access

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