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Monday, August 15, 2016

RA for All: Call to Action-- Serving Seniors

Today's call to action is one you can all start doing tomorrow... the brand new RUSA CODES conversation is all about serving seniors and their leisure needs.
Those who have followed this blog for awhile know how much I loved my 15 years as the leader of a book group of dedicated, "mature" women. [Here is the link to our final meeting last June.]
Because I also worked mostly mornings at the library AND ran the Friends of the Library, I became the favorite staff member for many of our senior power users. I loved serving them too; however, I often had complaints from fellow employees when I was away that they were "difficult to serve."  
I disagree completely, but I can see why serving seniors is tricky for staff who are not used to seniors, their unique needs, and perspectives.
Below, you will find the literal Call to Action-- how to sign up for the conversation and participate [or just lurk]. After the conversation is done and the notes are compiled, I will have another post sharing my opinions on what was said and adding my two cents on anything that was missed, but for now, I want to sit back and spend the next two days learning from my peers.
I think you should too.
[Don't forget you can follow past Calls to Action here or here.
CODES Conversation, Readers' Advisory Services to Seniors, Aug 16-17
Many parts of the country are looking at aging populations, and should be considering how these patrons are being served now, and how they may be better served in the future. Readers' advisory may be one of the most important services public libraries can provide to patrons in the so-called "third act" - as explained by Jane Fonda in a 2011 TED Talk - generally those adults ages 60-90. Call it what you will - Silver Sneakers, The Olds, Seniors, Grey Hairs - this is a special population which is rarely discussed.
Readers' Advisory Services to Seniors is the subject of the next CODES Conversations, a listserv-based discussion hosted by the Reference and User Services Association’s Collection Development and Evaluation Section (RUSA CODES), the home for adult readers' advisory within ALA.
On August 16-17, 20169:00 AM/ET - 8:00 PM/ET readers' advisory experts from CODES will facilitate a focused online conversation entitled Readers Advisory Services to Seniors. All adult services librarians are welcome to join and follow the conversation and contribute ideas or just listen in.
To support the conversation, CODES has prepared a short list of documents to consider for this discussion:

The conversation is open to all; membership is not required in order to participate. To participate, subscribe to theCODES Conversation email list located at http://lists.ala.org/sympa/subscribe/codes-convos. Questions or concerns with the listserv should be sent to RUSA Web Manager Andrea Hill at ahill@ala.org.
The Reference and User Services Association, a division of the American Library Association, represents librarians and library staff in the fields of reference, specialized reference, collection development, readers’ advisory and resource sharing. RUSA is the foremost organization of reference and information professionals who make the connections between people and the information sources, services, and collection materials they need.  Not a member, but interested in discounted registration rates on conference, preconferences and other events? Join, renew or add RUSA to your ALA membership at www.ala.org/membership. Learn more about the association at www.ala.org/rusa.


Elizabeth Neill said...

What a timely topic, Becky.

I want to ask if there is any thought of creating a permanent listserv or FB page or Google group for book group discussion leaders to permit them to share with each other.

I'm going through a tough time with my book group right now and picking the right book seems more important than ever. I'd love to have a chance to talk about that.

Becky said...

I have tried to encourage others to do this. Unfortunately, with my job and my volunteer position of running the ARRT Book Discussion Leader training, I cannot do this. If you are in the RAILS system, you can go here and set up a listserv very easily:


I would be more than happy to join, promote, and offer advice there, but I cannot be the administrator.

You can also feel free to send me an email about your specific issues and we can talk about them. http://raforall.blogspot.com/p/about.html