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Monday, October 3, 2016

31 Days of Horror Has Already Begun...

Since this is the first publication day for RA for All during the month of October, I wanted to remind all of you that most of my attention this month will be on this blog's evil twin RA for All: Horror. I will still have daily posts here, but you should also be checking the horror blog daily for information that you can use during the haunting season.

I will rarely cross post, but both because this is the first Monday in October AND today's post is a recording of an actual book talk by me, I think it is important to get the most eyes possible on this post.

[Psst....next Monday, I will be presenting my booktalking program with a brand new book talk, so look for that link with slides too.]

Here is today's RA for All: Horror post, with an embedded Lovecraft booktalk and a teaser about a giveaway....

31 Days of Horror: Day 3-- Here a Cthulhu, There a Cthulhu, Everywhere a Cthulhu

One of the biggest trends in horror today is the bumper crop of Lovecraft and Lovecraft inspired stories, especially as told by those [women and minorities] who Lovecraft himself hated and maligned.

Back in June, I did a book talk about this resurgence in an interest in Lovecraft as a frame in today's horror for the Massachusetts Library System. Props to Anna Popp who organized the recording and made the video awesome after a long day of running a RA conference. Also, I don’t think I sound too tired considering I had traveled to Worcester, slept, gave the keynote, and then chatted with everyone all day first.

You can watch it below, or click here to head to their Vimeo.

5 in 15 - Here a Cthulhu, there a Cthulhu, everywhere a Cthulhu from Massachusetts Library System on Vimeo.


There is more in this post that may interest you including how you can get FREE BOOKS!, but you will have to click through to the dark side for details. Yes that's right, I am forcing those of you who never venture into horror to dive into it by dangling free books in front of you.

I will have another giveaway tomorrow too, so click yourself over there now.

Don't be scared. Remember your horror patrons are not monsters, they just like to read about them.

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