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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Becky's Top Horror Reads of 2016

Over on the horror blog, I posted my personal favorite horror books that were published in 2016. Please click here to see that list. It is important for your collection development.

2016 also marked the first full year I was a reviewer for Booklist. I reviewed almost exclusively horror. In that post, I talk about why I made that choice AND give huge props to Booklist for all they do to help you help your horror readers.

Here is an excerpt:
I do want to make a very big plug for Booklist here. They truly care about helping library workers help genre readers. They appreciate that I am a horror expert, and my editor, Rebecca Vnuk and the Publisher, Bill Ott, defer to me often when it comes to horror. If there is a title that they have not received an ARC for, but I think it needs to be in the magazine so library workers know about it, they let me solicit it myself and review it.
As the person either ordering for your horror collections and/or helping readers as they come to the desk, don’t underestimate how important this behind the scenes step is to making your job easier. If they only allowed reviews of titles they have been sent or if I didn’t alert them to titles that would be great for libraries if only they let me review it, you would not have known about many great books including my #9 and #2 titles (the #2 title even made the Booklist Horror Top Ten for all of 2016).
By the way, this is why I only review for Booklist. If I didn’t think they cared about helping you help readers, I would stop immediately. I only do it to help all of you.
Please click through and read the entire post to see how you can easily access my top 10 AND every title I reviewed some for Booklist and some just for the blog. Overall, I added reviews for around 2 dozen new horror titles this year. Actually, it was more like 35-40 if you count the titles I read and wrote about for my LJ columns here and here.

Why am I telling you this? It is not to brag. Not at all. It is to show you that you have absolutely no excuse not to order good, new horror for your library's collection. I am doing all of the work for you by pulling out the best titles for libraries.

By the way, this post is just about the horror titles I read this year. I also read a few dozen non-horror books too. I will be posting my general top 10 list here on RA for All on 12/29, my last work day of the year before the family and I take a well deserved vacation until 1/9.

Until then, look for my catch up reviews and a few year end wrap ups.

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