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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

It’s Mystery Month in Booklist

Mystery Month at Booklist occurs every May and they go all out with their original lists, articles, and content. And, even though it is called “Mystery” month, they understand that our patrons think of all crime fiction as “mystery.”

Everything is available on the website without signing in, but here are some of the highlights that I think you can use right this minute to help readers:
Readers love crime fiction. This issue is a resource now and in the future.  You can access past year’s Mystery Month coverage here. No matter the year, Booklist’s May issue is a great resource to help readers.

Finally I wanted to remind everyone who gets a print subscription to Booklist- which is almost every library- that you have free access to Booklist Online. Someone may need to activate the online access for your library, but it is not hard. It is worth investigating for easier access to the rich content that you are already paying for. It will definitely make the library’s subscription dollars go further toward helping you build a better, more responsive collection and match more readers with the right book for them.

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