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Friday, May 26, 2017

Listen to Horror Greats Nancy Holder and F. Paul Wilson Interviewed...Oh and Me Too!

I plan to do a lot of house work, both inside and out this holiday weekend which means I will be listening to a lot of podcasts as I garden and clean. I am guessing I am not alone and you may need things to listen to also.

There are a ton of book review podcasts, but few reach out to work with libraries.  Book Riot’s podcasts, which I have discussed on the blog many times before, and Book Riot in general, are an exception to the rule.

However, I have a new podcast to point you to, one that I personally converted to caring about libraries! It’s called Booked and it has been around for 351 episodes, so this is not a new thing.  Basically, the podcast is two guys from the Chicago suburbs, Robb and Livius. They love speculative fiction, especially horror, and have a podcast where they talk about what they are reading, give honest reviews, and interview authors. It’s is well produced, thoughtful, and well organized, but until recently was 100% library free.

This year, they were invited to StokerCon to be on a panel about podcasting. While they were there, they invited people from the Con to be interviewed for their podcast-- myself included.

They are posting their StokerCon content in 3 parts:

  1. Episode 349: Interviews with Ellen Datlow and John Skipp
  2. Episode 351: Interviews with Nancy Holder, F. Paul Wilson, and Becky Spratford-- that’s me!
  3. and to come.. Episode 352 will be the full recording of their panel mentioned above.

You should listen to all of them, but I want to point you to my episode-- I am the middle interview. In that interview I explain to them what RA is and why writers and patrons should care. I talk straight about libraries to people who love books and reading but did not appreciate the work library workers do to help readers.

I am happy to report that Livius and Robb were impressed, or as they said about our work, "This is where the magic happens! “ They were embarrassed not to know how awesome librarians are at suggesting books.

They were very kind, yes, but more importantly, they are also truly interested in working with library people more on their podcast, so much so that I have put them in contact with a few key people to make that happen.  At the very least, I am working with Livius to have him come to ALA Annual this summer. Hopefully, I can introduce him to some of you.

So go listen to Booked this weekend. Support them because they are our new biggest fans.

Now I am off to start converting the approximately 6,000 other book review podcasts that do not take library workers into consideration. If I take them on one at a time, I should be done, um, let’s see....never. Oh well, job security.

Have a great holiday weekend. I will be finishing Ararat by Christopher Golden and starting Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders on Audio. Back on Tuesday.

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