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Thursday, September 21, 2017

An Archive of My Past Podcast Appearances

So today I am visiting my friend and colleague, Becca Boland, the Assistant Head of Popular Materials/Teen Librarian at the Ela Area Public Library in Lake Zurich, IL. They are starting a library podcast and I am going to be one of their early guests. 

Many of you dont know this about me, but I worked in radio in a previous life. I began working at a college station as a high school senior and went on to work my way up through my college radio station, all the way to Program Director. I even spent the Summer of 1995 as an Intern at what was, at the time, one the most popular radio station in Chicago. I really considered going into radio as a career, but ultimately it was not to be [my choice].

However, one good side effect of that radio experience, is that I know what I am doing when people ask me to record podcasts with them. In fact, every time I have done a podcast, the host has said they were surprised I was so good.  Ha. Its my secret super power.

This got me thinking about the podcasts [and radio shows] I have been on. I have said a lot of good things that can help many of you, but they are scattered all over the place. So today, I present to you 1 list of all of my audio appearances. In the future I will add more to this archive as they come up, and I will also put this link at the top of my Recent and Upcoming Presentations page for easy retrieval.

Here we go....

Becky’s Podcast [and Radio] Appearance Archive:

  • Circulating Ideas
    • Episode 20- Best Books of 2012 [I talk about horror]
    • Episode 53- All about me and what I do
    • Episode 111.2- ALA Annual 2017 Day 2 mini-podcast
    • Episode 120- Some horror but mostly about indie publishing and genre- reviewing it, respecting it, and staying in genre shape even when you don't personally like the genre yourself
  • Get Booked
  • Booked
    • Episode 351- Interviews from StokerCon 2017 where Nancy Holder, then me, then F Paul Wilson are interviewed on the Queen Mary
  • Three Books: Produced by the Ela Area Public Library 
    • Episode 1: The Horror!- I talk about my favorite horror titles and why we NEED horror.
  • Wisconsin Public Radio
    • I have appeared on different Halloween shows for the network. Use this link to pull them all up. In some, I had to take calls and make suggestions right on the spot!

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