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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sign Up for ARRTCon- A One Day Choose Your Own RA Adventure

First, here is the description from the Eventbrite signup page [after I will have more details including my involvement]:
Join us for an all-day conference covering a variety of RA topics. 
  • Our keynote speaker will be Barbara Barnett, whose novel The Apothecary's Curse was nominated for the 2017 Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel. Barbara will be speaking on The Enduring Alchemy of Libraries and Pop Culture.
  • Our closing session will include Book Buzzes by Robert Haddock of Penguin Random House and Beth Oleniczak of Sourcebooks
  • During the day, participants will be able to attend 4 breakout sessions -- from the 9 being offered.
  • Continential breakfast and lunch included in the registration fee.
  • Tours of the newly renovated 95th Street Library will also be available.
  • Participants will go home with ARCS from two excellent publishers, bags, and ARRT swag -- as well as new ideas to share!
  • All for only $75 [$65 if you are a current member].
We look forward to seeing you! Contact Karen Toonen (ktoonen@naperville-lib.org) with any questions.
This is going to be an awesome event. We have whole audience experiences to start and end the day. Everyone will get free books and we are feeding you twice.
But the best thing about this event is the 9 possible breakout sessions. We are using the expertise of the ARRT Steering Committee members to present the sessions. I am very excited that we are pooling our resources to bring you as many choices as possible from a variety of different viewpoints. Also, we are offering all levels of training from RA 101 to advanced RA at the same event, so you can come as a manager and bring your staff and everyone can choose their own RA adventure. 
Don’t underestimate what a great training experience it is for the experts and novices to get to go to the same event, have an experience geared toward their level, and then come back to gather to discuss what was learned. 
I hope you consider joining us, but if you cannot I will be posting detailed reports here on RA for All in the days after.

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