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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

#LibFaves17 Wrap-Up: Includes the List of Every Title!

Today I want to point you all to Early Word and the official report on this year’s Twitter library worker countdown of their 10 favorite titles.

Click here for the full report which includes a lists of every single title that was mentioned and an overall Top Ten.

As I mentioned in this post announcing the start of #LibFaves17, there are many reasons why this countdown is so great [click through to read that one too], but on Early Word’s wrap up post they also added this “joy”:
One of the joys of the list is that it is not limited by age designation or format, so it offers opportunities to discover picture books, graphic novels, and YA titles.
That “joy” in the unrestrained nature of the suggestions [as long as they were published in 2017] is exactly why I use this use the annual #LibFaves17 countdown as an opportunity to highlight my horror top 10-- so that these titles make it into that final report. Yes, I manipulate the system to help you to help horror readers better. Again, I explain my rationale here. But the result is that there are at least 10 horror titles in the final list of every title mentioned. Success!

That being said, I do have this post on the horror blog with my official horror top ten including links to my longer reviews. It is the same as the one I Tweeted for #LibFaves17 but it will have bonus content and my honorable mention list. You should use this list for your horror collection development and as you help patrons.

I am also putting the finishing touches on my overall top ten of the books I read in 2017. I plan to post that by 12/27 at the latest, but it could be sooner. That list will have a new look this year as I am putting my favorite reads from 2017 into categories. This was more fun for me, yes, but I also think it makes the list way more useful to you as you help readers. But I will explain in that post. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, go visit Early Word’s #LibFaves17 Wrap-Up Report.

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