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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Library Reads: October 2018

New month, new list. Before we get to my standard post a few comments.

The entire point of the Library Reads list is to allow library workers the chance to rave about the books their patrons may not know about without us. It showcases our skills at helping leisure readers and showcases how our recommendations can actually increase sales.

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One of the nagging problems with the list, especially after 5 years, is that the same authors were showing up over and over again. However, as you can see in this graphic, and on the list below, Library Reads has solved this problem by creating a Hall of Fame.

Please click here to learn more and see a statement from the first HoF author who is fittingly....Jodi Piccoult. 

Which leads me to another comment.  We also want to lead by example and make the list as inclusive as possible. This month, the #1 voted title is a diverse read, but also, ironically, it is this author’s second title on the LR list, so she will next be in HoF status.

We need to keep finding inclusive titles, under the radar titles, titles that even we didn’t know about before giving them a try. Please look for books that could use the boost that Library Reads can give a title that your colleagues might not know about without that vote, especially more inclusive titles.

Here you can find a link to a database by library professionals who are going through the digital ARCS and screening titles for you to choose from. Please consider starting here, not with the latest, imminent bestseller. Seriously, if you want to help, start at those databases, start by reading those titles. Try something new and if you like it, vote for it.

Don’t start with a book you already know you are going to like. That is the worst thing you can do. We are trying to broaden everyone’s horizons-- patrons, yes, but also the publishers. We want to show them that more inclusive titles will resonate and sell. But, we need to start with ourselves first.

And now, the list...

Today is Library Reads day and that means three things here on RA for All:
  1. I post the list and tag it “Library Reads” so that you can easily pull up every single list with one click.
  2. I can remind you that even though the newest list is always fun to see, it is the older lists where you can find AWESOME, sure bet suggestions for patrons that will be on your shelf to actually hand to them right now. The best thing about Library Reads is the compound interest it is earning. We now have hundreds and hundreds of titles worth suggesting right at our fingertips.
  3. You have no excuse not to hand sell any Library Reads titles because there is a book talk right there in the list in the form of the annotation one of your colleagues wrote for you. All you have to say to your patron is, “such and such library worker in blank state thought this was a great read,” and then you read what he or she said.
    So get out there and suggest a good read to someone today. I don’t care what list or resource you use to find the suggestion, just start suggesting books.

    Also, please remember to click here for my Library Reads 101 recap for everything you need to know about how to participate. And click here to see a database of eligible diverse titles sorted by month.

    October 2018 LibraryReads

    The Proposal

    by Jasmine Guillory

    Published: 10/30/2018 by Berkley Jove
    ISBN: 9780399587689
    “A disastrous public wedding proposal results in a chance meeting between Nik and Carlos. What follows is a delightfully humorous and sweet story about two people falling for each other while remaining seemingly unaware of their blossoming romance. The book sets itself apart by portraying a self-aware, feminist woman who enjoys positive relationships with female friends. An engaging and upbeat multicultural romance.”
    LaNiesha Bowles, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA

    The Clockmaker’s Daughter: A Novel

    by Kate Morton

    Published: 10/9/2018 by Atria Books
    ISBN: 9781451649390
    “Events that occurred in the late 19th century at Birchwood Manor cast their shadows over the next 150 years, with various mysterious voices explaining how those events affected their lives. Attentive readers will be rewarded as clues are revealed. Atmospheric and perfect for gothic fiction fans of Sarah Waters and Beatriz Williams.”
    Virginia Holsten, Vinton Public Library, Vinton, IA


    by J. R. Ward

    Published: 10/2/2018 by Gallery Books
    ISBN: 9781501194900
    “This first book in Ward’s newest series featuring firefighters in New Brunswick, NJ, includes well-crafted macho heroes, tough female characters, and believable relationships. Readers will be excited to see where this series goes. For fans of Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series and readers who like gritty and steamy suspense.”
    Kelsey Hudson, Middleton Public Library, Middleton, WI

    The Dream Daughter: A Novel

    by Diane Chamberlain

    Published: 10/2/2018 by St. Martin’s Press
    ISBN: 9781250087300
    “In 1970, young and recently widowed Carly learns that the baby she is carrying has a fatal birth defect. Enter her quirky but lovable brother-in-law, who proposes a highly improbable solution: travel to the future where a medical procedure exists to save her unborn child. This twisty story with well-developed characters is highly recommended, but with a trigger warning for mothers. A good crossover title for domestic fiction and science fiction readers, and fans of Kristin Hannah, Jodi Picoult, and Chris Bohjalian.”
    Erica Naranjo, Sacramento Public Library, Sacramento, CA

    The Library Book

    by Susan Orlean

    Published: 10/16/2018 by Simon and Schuster
    ISBN: 9781476740188
    “An investigation of the fire that devastated the Los Angeles Public Library in 1986 evolves into a page-turning history of the immense impact libraries and books have had throughout time. Profoundly moving and enlightening, and a clear call to readers to appreciate and support their libraries. For readers who enjoy high-quality narrative nonfiction.”
    Jesica Sweedler DeHart, Neill Public Library, Pullman, WA

    November Road: A Novel

    by Lou Berney

    Published: 10/9/2018 by William Morrow
    ISBN: 9780062663849
    “Set in the weeks just after JFK’s assassination, a mob hit man on the run meets a woman who has just impulsively left her alcoholic husband. A beautifully written suspense novel that’s hard to put down, with well-developed, sympathetic characters and plenty of intrigue. Fans of John Hart and Dennis Lehane will appreciate this fast-paced thriller.”
    Jill Smith, Bayport Public Library, Bayport, MN 

    One Day in December: A Novel

    by Josie Silver

    Published: 10/16/2018 by Broadway Books
    ISBN: 9780525574682
    “An enjoyable page-turner, with a romance that begins with a chance connection at a bus stop and brews in secret over a number of years. More literary romance than chick-lit, this title would be a good choice for readers who enjoy books by Meg Donohue or Erica Bauermeister.”
    Marlyn Beebe, Long Beach Public Library, Long Beach, CA

    Unsheltered: A Novel

    by Barbara Kingsolver

    Published: 10/16/2018 by Harper
    ISBN: 9780062684561
    “Willa and her college professor husband made all the “right” decisions, yet are nearing retirement holding an empty bag. The rise of the service economy, materialism, middle-class disenfranchisement, a labyrinthine health care system, immigration–even Charles Darwin–all factor into this relevant story about social upheaval and an ever-changing American Dream.”
    Lori Hench, Baltimore County Public Library, Baltimore, MD 

    Virgil Wander

    by Leif Enger

    Published: 10/2/2018 by Atlantic Monthly Press
    ISBN: 9780802128782
    “Virgil Wander survives a car crash with some speech and memory problems, and encounters a kite-flying stranger searching for information about his long-lost son. Enger explores and intricately layers the feelings and stories of an entire town full of people, each trying to survive their own life-changing experiences. A good pick for readers who enjoy quirky characters and for fans of Kent Haruf.”
    Elizabeth Isabelle, DeKalb County Public Library System, DeKalb, GA 

    The Witch Elm: A Novel

    by Tana French

    Published: 10/9/2018 by Viking
    ISBN: 9780735224629
    “This standalone novel has all the things readers love about the Dublin Murder Squad books–well developed characters, exquisite plotting, and deep explorations of human nature. Toby leads a charmed life with an idyllic childhood, a good family, a loving girlfriend, and promising prospects. But a vicious attack changes everything. Atmospheric, twisty, and perfect for readers who like Gillian Flynn or Kate Atkinson.”
    Laura Bovee, Chicopee Public Library, Chicopee, MA

    A Spark of Light: A Novel

    by Jodi Picoult

    Published: 10/02/2018 by Ballantine Books
    ISBN: 9781984828095

    “This harrowing and insightful novel unwinds backwards in time over the course of a day during a tense hostage situation at a Mississippi women’s clinic and is told through multiple points of view: the gunman, the hostage negotiator, patients, clinic staff, and a right to life advocate. All sides of the abortion issue are explored with compassion through the characters’ stories, helping readers empathize and connect. Fans of Picoult’s issue-driven novels will not be disappointed.”
    Catherine Coyne, Mansfield Public Library, Mansfield, MA

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