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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Recording and Live Linked Slides from Unlocking Themes Webinar

Thanks to everyone who attended the NoveList webinar yesterday.

And as promised, in less than 24 hours, NoveList has uploaded the recording and the link to the slides.  Now to be fair, the animations where I built images on top of each other don't work with that link, but you can have the full experience the way it was in the recording by using this link to view my presentation on your own.

For those who are new to a Becky style of presentation, I include many links to articles by me where I go into greater detail on the topic of that slide. So by viewing the live, linked slides, you can explore topics that are of the most interest to you in greater detail, and ignore the detail on the things that don't apply to you.

Click here or see below to watch the webinar and get your attendance certificate.

Event Date: September 18, 2018

Webinar: Unlocking Themes to Improve Your Readers’ Advisory

From Rookie on the Beat to Secret Babies, there are dozens of themes that your readers adore. Let RA expert Becky Spratford and metadata maven Cathleen Keyser show you how adding themes to your RA toolbox can supercharge your readers’ advisory, circulation, and programming.
We welcome anyone interested to stay for an additional 15-minute training to help you find all those great themes (and the books that go with them) in NoveList.

This webinar is archived.

Click below to watch the recording or skip ahead to the training session that took place after the webinar.

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