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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Never Ending Suggestions of Largehearted Boy's Best Books of 2018 Database

All month I have been trying to give you as many varied suggestions of "best books" lists that you can use so that you do not run out of "best book" suggestions for your patrons. One of my back pocket tricks to keep the "best books" flowing into patrons' hands despite the rush to check them all out is to remind them that previous year's "best books" are still a great option. [Click here for more by me on this.]

But, as I know all too well, that doesn't cut it with every patron. Some only want to read this year's best as the year comes to a close, and they will not hear otherwise, no matter how you explain it to them. Of course we know that many of these titles 2018 appear on multiple lists, and by this point [2 weeks before the end of the year], the most common "best books" are checked out and have long holds lists.

So, what should you do with these particular patrons? Give up? NOPE.

Largehearted Boy is here, like he has been every year for the last eleven years to help you, with his archive of every online "best books" list. There are hundreds of lists, and he includes library best lists too.

So never fear. Click here and pull up the entire archive. It is just what you need in these waning days of the year, as your 2018 "best" stock is dwindling.

Click here to access.
Psst....he also has easy access to every previous year's list too. While, these more particular patrons might not want those, you can use it on everyone else too.

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