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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Becky's PLA Notes

I attended PLA in Nashville last week and had a great experience. I connected with old friends, made some new ones, met some of you, my readers, and, most importantly, learned a lot.

When I attended a program, I live Tweeted it both for all of you at home and for me to have my notes all in one place.

Below are the notes for the programs I attended with my biggest takeaway and information on how to pull up the slides. 
  • Building the Case for #Ebooks for All: https://twitter.com/RAforAll/status/1233424215056973825
    • Biggest takeaway: our strategy to combat Macmillan now includes introducing legislation at the state level that REQUIRES publishers to make books available in all formats to consumers and libraries at the same time.
    • Click here and search speaker last name "Szwarek" to pull up slides
  • Podcasting as Professional Development: https://twitter.com/RAforAll/status/1233444578537148420
    • Biggest takeaway: communicating internally through a podcast is a great way to sharing more with each other as a staff across all levels; and you could still allow patrons to listen if they are interested.
    • Click here and search speaker last name "Grammont" to pull up the slides
  • LGBTQ+ RA: https://twitter.com/RAforAll/status/1233485824483827712
    • Biggest takeaway: this reinforced a lot of what I do and know but I loved seeing people I had trained use the general skills I taught them to make their own RA service plan. Also the slide with the pros and con to the term #OwnVoices-- this was one of the best places I have seen the issue concisely articulated.
    • Click here and search speaker last name "Brackett" to pull up the slides
  • A Deep Dive into Diverse Books: https://twitter.com/RAforAll/status/1233504350070333441
    • This program was fantastic and has so many applications, but my biggest takeaway was the idea of direct diversity vs indirect. It's in the notes. 
    • Click here and search keyword "UCF" to pull up the slides
  • What Would You Do: Ethical Issues in Public Libraries: https://twitter.com/RAforAll/status/1233776379466043398
    • I will have more on this program coming later in the week, but as you can tell from my notes in that link, I had some issues with what we were being "told" in this program.
    • Click here and search speaker last name "Harant" to pull up the slides
  • Bringing Personalized Service to Digital Readers' Advisory: https://twitter.com/RAforAll/status/1233795498726678530
    • Biggest takeaway: you can create personal relationships virtually if the service is done with that as your main goal. And, it is not that hard if you spread the work out among as many employees as possible.
    • Click here and search speaker last name "Grubbs" to pull up the slides
I also attended the Library Reads author panel on Thursday evening. While it was in the conference center, it was not officially part of the conference. Here is the info on who was there in case I got something wrong in my notes:
“Your Evening is Booked” Featuring:Brit BennettThe Vanishing Half: A Novel (Riverhead)Katherine CenterWhat You Wish For (St. Martin’s Press)Leesa Cross-SmithSo We Can Glow (Grand Central Publishing)Odie LindseySome Go Home: A Novel (W. W. Norton & Company)Sam TschidaSiri, Who Am I? (Quirk Books)

Finally, I had dinner Thursday night with some Sourcebooks authors and I wanted to specifically call. out two of the authors and their books. Not only do their books sound fantastic, but they were very interesting people to talk to. I highly recommend these upcoming titles, both of which are debuts:
That is my 3 days at PLA in one post. Overall I am very glad I went. There was a wide variety of programming and the physical space of the Music City Convention Center was pleasant to navigate. I had been to Nashville multiple times before so I knew the city itself would be a great location already.

If you have further questions for me about my notes or the conference itself, feel free to contact me

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