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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Suggestions From Your Colleagues at Booklist as CE

Booklist's latest episode its podcast Shelf Care just came out and I think it is one worth a listen to every one of my readers both to help them and help their patrons. In this episode, Susan Maguire caught up with her Booklist colleagues to ask them what they are enjoying. What books, movies, and TV shows are most satisfying to them right now?

But why do I think you HAVE to listen. [I mean besides the fact that it will make my editor Susan happy?]

First, many of us are struggling with not being able to focus enough to read as much as we normally do. I am being paid to read, but I am not sure if I would be reading as much without that incentive. It is nice to hear from those, like all of you, whose job it is to suggest books to readers. To hear them share what they are personally struggling with now.

Second, this is another great resource to find suggestions for your patrons. Because they are professionals, each guest talks about the media they are consuming and WHY they are enjoying what the most. Not only will this help you to craft lists for different readers and situations, but also, those WHYs that they are sharing are a great conversation starter to use with patrons.

It is hard to engage patrons in active RA Service virtually. Normally, most of it is passive, such as posting lists. But we are all starting to do more active RA through forms, online interactions, chat service, or through social media. Often without facial cues or time to learn more about a specific patron through multiple conversations, it is hard to get to know a new patron's likes and dislikes. However, I really liked how this episode of the podcast introduced me to multiple people with completely different opinions on what is working for them and why.

You can use this info to help other readers. Ask them about one of the items mentioned or use the experiences shared by these Booklisters to craft a leading question. Such as, what shows have you found worked with your family to watch all together? Or, what music focuses you now? Which version of Emma is the best? [Listen to the podcast for some answers]

Third, just listening to different people talk about what they are enjoying and why is so energizing to those of us who do RA. I bet many of you are starting to feel out of practice. With many weeks away from the daily interaction with a variety of readers, I know some of you are craving the practice. Before our building closures, many of you were concerned about how few people actually come up to the desk and ask for RA Service on a day to day basis, but being away for going on 6 weeks now, I have heard from many of you, there was more RA work going on than you realized. No that it is gone, the absence is glaring.

This podcast, will not replace the lost interactions with patrons, but it will go a long way toward helping you feel a little better.

Click here to listen and see the full list of media mentioned.

Shelf Care, Episode #8: Shelf Isolation

All of us here at Booklist are self-isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are turning to books and movies and TV and games to keep ourselves entertained while the world . . . does whatever the world is doing. Host Susan Maguire talks to her coworkers about what media is bringing them comfort in an episode that may or may not have been an excuse to talk to her coworkers. (Weeping emoji.) 

Here’s what we talked about:

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