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Thursday, July 16, 2020

RA for All Virtual Roadshow Returns to Allegheny County Library System for Some EDI Real Talk

Today I am back with Allegheny County [PA] Library System [2nd of 3 planned webinars] to present my #OwnVoices for All Readers program which takes a hard look at equity, diversity, and inclusion in our RA Service.

I am proud that I have offered a version of this program for 2.5 years now and I am happy that people are more receptive to what I have to say, especially when it comes to us, well meaning, white people, admitting to the problems we have allowed to persist [even if it was done with a good heart] and resolving to do better as we move forward.

There are many version of this talk you can view for free with your library organization [do a Google search if you want to find them], but when I present it for you, your staff and member libraries have the chance to ask me questions about your situations. I am able to tailor the experience to your situation. In today's case, we are especially going to have time to talk about the details and specifics since we have 90 mins scheduled.

You can find the slides for this morning's presentation at this link or by clicking the screen shot below. Please contact me if you want me to present this to your staff. My presentation is an excellent way to begin the tough anti-racist discussions it is past time we had at our libraries.

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