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Friday, August 28, 2020

RA for All Virtual Roadshow Visits WI Trustee Training Week

Okay, today is a little off topic. This afternoon I am presenting as part of Trustee Training Week 2020 for the state of Wisconsin. This virtual training is an annual event where the state offers library trustees a week of 1 hour, webinars over the lunch hour. I am the final presenter:

Walk the Line: How Trustees Can Best Lead Their Libraries Without Overstepping Their Authority

Friday, August 28

Presenter:  Becky Spratford

Being a Trustee is an important job. You are part of a team that represents the tax payers, oversees the Library Director, and advocates for libraries. However, where exactly do your duties end and the Library staff's begin? This line, while very clear from a legal standpoint, can become a bit fuzzy in practice. Join Becky Spratford, a 20 + years librarian and 5 term library trustee as she helps you understand how to walk the fine line between being a leader and being in the way. She will go over how you as a Trustee can best help the Library thrive, noting when you should step in but also when you should back off, strengthening all of Wisconsin's Libraries in the process.

You can click here to see all of the details.

And yes, there are multiple Johnny Cash puns throughout, also balance beam memes. I mean come on, they had a week of this and I am at the end so I wanted to make it a little bit fun. Between the giggles I will also be sharing my 20[!] years of trustee experience including many real world examples.

Right after the presentation ends, I am off to the RAILS Board meeting [in a room down the hall from where I will be set up to present], so it will be a full day wearing my Trustee hat.

I am sharing my slides here for those of you who are interested. Back to RA on Monday.

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