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Monday, May 9, 2022

Regular Reminder on Censorship Updates via Book Riot and Why You Need to Stay Up to Date

I looked back and I have not reminded you in a few weeks, but Kelly Jensen does a weekly censorship update, via Book Riot, that is both a roundup of news and has practical tips to help you. Here is Friday's report.

But you can also pull it up anytime with the censorship tag on their site. That tag pulls up other news stories and articles as well.

I realize we all have a lot going on, so if you want to be kept up to date with all of Book Riot's censorship coverage my advice is to sign up for the 2x a week Library themed Book Riot newsletter, Check Your Shelf.

This newsletter-- and really any or all that interest you-- is an easy way to stay informed with links. Some weeks you are so busy you only get to reading the headlines, but other weeks you have time to delve into the stories and issues. That's why getting the information delivered to you regularly in your email box is key. It is there 2x a week no matter how bust you get.

Look, I hate that these censorship issues are dominating our lives right now, but they are and ignoring them because we are too busy only makes things worse. And no one is immune. Here in IL we begin the process for candidate filing for the Spring 2023 elections in September. My library board is already talking to our current Board members, assessing who is running again [I am not up for election], and reaching out to communities members who support the library, asking them to run for open spots. We then have a community group who vets candidates and walks them through the process. It is a lot. And it is non-partisan by law, but that does not mean the censorship issue will not pop up. It has at our school board.

Everyone needs to stay vigilant and the best way is to stay informed. Also, if something is happening in your neck of the woods, please report it to Jensen.

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