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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Audiobooks and Summer Make a Great Team

Yes we all know we get more leisure readers at the library every summer, but don't forget to also remind patrons about our audiobook offerings, especially the downloadable options. 

Many adults spend more time outside in the summer, whether it is gardening, going to the beach, or simply taking more walks. And of course, many people will travel as well.

Audio books are an excellent option that some readers may not think about. And they are the perfect choice for people who don't think they have time to read. As I worked the RA desk for 15 years, I consistently convinced adults who thought they did not have time to read to try audiobooks. And over time, many of these readers not only became avid audio readers, but they also rekindled their love of reading for pleasure in the process. 

While I have over 130 posts about audiobooks over the years, including numerous resources and many of my personal reviews which you can access for assistance, I wanted to point out 2 excellent ones today.

First, AudioFile Magazine. They have audio specific reviews which go into depth about the narratoration. Use their "Golden Voices" archive for the very bests narrators regardless of the title they are reading as well as "Earphone Awards," equivalent to a star review, for specific audio title recs. You can search all titles by genre as well. So if you have a patron who wants a specific type of book, you can limit by "subject" and then look for "Earphone" designees within that filter.

Second Book Riot's Audiobook coverage is fantastic and covers all ages of readers. And remember, they are writing their content to get clicks, so you know the information will be of high interest. They also have a newsletter that will deliver audiobook specific information to you every week. Go here for the newsletter archive and scroll to the bottom to sign up for the audiobooks one. There is also one on podcasts.

Remember to include Audiobook specific content in your in person or virtual service to leisure readers. Use this post or my 130+ audiobook tagged posts to help you help your readers.

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