The current story of book bans is interwoven with the story of the
skyrocketing number of legislative proposals targeting LGBTQ people 
and especially, transgender and nonbinary youth.

Like bills targeting health care, drag performance, pronouns and public
spaces, book bans baselessly and disingenuously purport to be about
protecting children and parents’ rights, when their true intent is aimed
at limiting the rising visibility and acceptance of LGBTQ
youth, and removing parents’ rights to make private health care
decisions for their families, or determine what their own children can

According to the American Library Association, 2022 saw 1,269
documented demands to pull titles from library shelves, nearly
doubling the 729 challenges in 2021, an astounding 713% increase
fromthe previous year. The vast majority of these bans target books by
and about LGBTQ people and all people of color.

Now is the time for action. GLAAD created this guide for communities
to defeat book ban attempts, and send a powerful signal of welcome
and acceptance.

Download the toolkit here.

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