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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Promote Yourself and All You Do For Your Community Today

It is National Library Worker Day and I want to speak directly to all my readers here-- almost all of whom are library workers themselves. Today, you need to not only allow yourself to be celebrated, but also BRAG ABOUT YOURSELF to the world. This should not be a day where we should be waiting for people to thank us. No, that passive attitude is what has gotten us into our current predicament. 

Today is the day we are LOUD and CLEAR about how awesome every single library worker is. How much we help everyone and with not enough financial resources. How we serve those from the most marginalized to the most privileged. Howe selflessly we work to serve our communities. Every. Single. Day.

I know many of my colleagues are uncomfortable using this week to celebrate themselves. But today is your day. Get over it. You will not have a chance to shout about yourself and your co-workers without guilt for another year. I mean I will keep doing it all the time for you, but I know most of you won't.

Get out there and be a bragger. Get in people's faces telling them how great you are. This is your chance because it is your day.

Don't know where to start? You can use the talking points provided by the ALA here for National Library Week here or even better those for today, National Library Worker Day, here. You can even nominate one of your co-workers as a STAR library worker here.

Besides this post, I am celebrating as a Trustee by spending an hour pushing a Library Worker Day treat cart around my library as I personally thank the workers at my library for all that they do every single day.

I will also make sure every patron who sees this happening explicitly knows how much they should appreciate what these library workers do for them. And no, they don't get any treats.

I spent 15 years serving the public and I know firsthand how much of themselves these library workers give to their patrons every single day. 

But again, the public takes us for granted, Much of that is because they perceive our services as "free." Remember, they are not free, they are pre-paid. Get that value message out this week as well. I have this post to help you articulate that.

Be strong this week, be bold, brag about yourselves and your libraries far and wide. This is our chance to try to regain control of the narrative about what the public library is here to do every day for all people (even the ones who think we should be destroyed).

Embrace the day and what it means. Use it to advocate for yourselves. Waiting for the accolades to come is not going to happen. Share the message about how great you are. I know many of you will hate the feeling, but it is one day, and trust me, it will be more appreciated than you think.

Happy Library Workers Day 2024!

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