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Monday, July 20, 2015

ARRT Crime Fiction Genre Study Psychological Suspense Notes Available-- Now with Venn Diagrams

Here is your semi-regular reminder that I am leading the now almost complete ARRT Crime Fiction Genre Study and we have a website with lots of great info whether you are a member or not.

Last meeting we tackled Psychological Suspense.  Here is the assignment we used to frame the discussion.

The notes are now ready, but the notes are for members only.  Here is the link to the notes page.  Members will also receive an email with a reminder of the password.

However, I am sharing something from our discussion with all of my readers today because it is part of the discussion that I created ahead of time. Since it is not a product of the discussion, it is fair game.

I made a Venn Diagram by hand and posted it on the wall.  Our fabulous notetaker Karen recreated it digitally for the notes.  I have included that immediately below:

This diagram was offered up as part of our discussion wrapping up Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense and moving on to Psychological Suspense. I created it to try explain each genre’s place in the overall Crime category since this was the last time we would be discussing a single fiction genre. [Again, consult our 2 year schedule for details.]

My point that day was that Psychological Suspense was the least “crime” like of the genres, but that there was still a small slice where the appeals overlapped, especially for Suspense readers. Hence the diagram.

We had a great discussion where people were honest about their own preferences for and against Psychological Suspense.  By making this discussion down a bit more of a personal reading tastes road, I felt like we were really able to get to the heart of the appeal of all Crime Fiction for a wide range of readers.  It also made me happy to have dedicated all of this time to leading the study [without even taking into account all that I have personally gained and learned by being a part of it].

But that’s enough looking back.  Now it is time to move on to our next meeting-- True Crime on August 6th at Glenview. Details including location, time and assignment are here.

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