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Monday, September 12, 2016

RA for All: Call to Action- Promote Your Staff!

Today I am handing over the call to action to Booklist's Corner Shelf newsletter which happens to feature a little bit of me at the end.

It is the previously promised recording, report, and all the slides from the ARRT/Booklist/NoveList Becoming the Face of RA event.

Click here for the entire Corner Shelf newsletter. And click here for the article with the video of the entire program plus slide access.

By why publish it as a Call to Action? Because it is a simple, easy, and effective way to promote your RA services and not many people do it. Again people, it is simple...easy...and effective. Why aren't you doing it?!?!?

Look, every library has items to check out. But what is unique to your library? It's your wonderful staff.  Merchandise them.  Show them off. They are your most valuable asset. If we get the staff more involved in suggesting and recommending books that they really like, we get them invested in being part of the library's overall service to readers.
In this program we had two fairly elaborate programs presented-- Downers Grove and Lawrence Public Library. Now while most libraries cannot afford to [in both time and money] work up as large a program as these two, the idea, the why they did this, is something any library can take part of and replicate. Again, watch the program to see what I mean.
And, to top it off, even if you cannot do any of it yourself, The Book Squad from NoveList also presented on how they can help you and your staff look like superstars. And at the very end I made a big announcement about a big LibraryAware and ARRT partnership. You will definitely be hearing more about that later this year and then on a regular basis for a long time to come.
So no excuse this week. Everyone get to work promoting how awesome you are-- because you are! I see it everywhere I go. Plus it will make your patrons happy.  Everybody wins.

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