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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

RA for All Roadshow Visits SCLS [WI] for 2 Days of Training: Day One- Recharge Your Book Club

This morning I am headed to the Madison, WI area to do two days of RA related training for staff who work in the South Central Library System. [On a side note, I love their tag line: “Helping Libraries Serve the Public.” ]

We begin this afternoon with "Recharge Your Book Club."  Below are the details of when and where with the link to the slides. I love when I can add this half day program on to my trips, especially because it is discussion based. We are really going to focus on sharing successes and failures with each other, and I will actively encouraging these participants to keep working together after I leave.

1-4pm: Recharge Your Book Club: Reader’s advisor Becky Spratford has been leading book clubs for over 17 years and has seen it all. All book groups go through their ups and downs, but re-energizing your group is not as hard as it may seem. Becky will walk you through how to confidently identify and utilize the best resources for leading a book discussion, pick books that will engender the best conversations, lead a more interactive discussion even with the most jaded of groups. Let her show you how to take control, shake things up, and rediscover why you started the group in the first place. After Becky shares her tips and tricks for building better book clubs, she will turn the focus on to you and your groups. Please bring your specific issues and concerns about your own group as Becky will facilitate a support group session for book discussion leaders where we will all help each other. Bring your favorite successes and your worst failures to the discussion and let’s all help each other recharge.

[This program will include a 15 minute break]
Also, please note that every book cover in this presentation leads to my original book discussion report on that title. There are many links with further information embedded in this program. Even if you are not joining us, there is much to learn from these slides.

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